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My Kind of Shopping

Last week, Colleen posted a blog that sounded extremely similar to the book, “Confessions of a Shopaholic.”

It is now my turn.

Colleen and I differ greatly when it comes to shopping. She loves it; I hate it. Truly. Don’t get me wrong: I love finding a pair of jeans that fit or a top that is comfortable and something I could wear out, but, most of the time when I shop, I feel like I’m that awkward sixth grader in middle school. I wander around the stores aimlessly, touching different items of clothing and then putting them back. After wandering for a bit (it used to be 15 minutes before kids, now it’s more like three), I start to speed up. I start grabbing things, anything that looks remotely like something I would wear, and then pile everything up on my stroller.

(P.S. While shopping with kids is nearly impossible, you’ve gotta love the stroller, a.k.a shopping cart. It is definitely a perk of having the kiddos with you!)

I then drag myself to the dressing room and hastily try everything on. Usually, and I’m being absolutely serious, nothing fits and/or looks good. I may luck out from time to time, but honestly, I am just terrible at shopping.

So, I then turn desperate. I emerge from the fitting room and begin to lurk. I carefully, and ever so creepily, follow other women around the store and grab the same items of clothing they grab. (I just make sure to wait a few seconds for them to vacate the area.) I really love doing this type of shopping with both of my sisters. I can lurk especially close to them and, if I’m really good, I can beat them to the item they’re eying and pretend like I saw it first.

Wow, I’m depressing.

Not a dramatization

This is precisely the reason I’m so excited that there is such a thing as online shopping. This is also why my husband always asks me what I’m up to on the computer. And, this may be why he’s developed a small twitch in his right eye… (I kid. It’s his left.)

But online shopping was made for someone like me. There are so many pros to it. No one can see what awful items of clothing I look at (no judgment!), I can do it in the comfort of my own home (no need to pack up the kids!), I can wear comfy clothes and no makeup while doing it (did I mention no judgment?). Heck, I can even eat and drink at the same time. (Doesn’t everyone get hungry while shopping?) It’s basically heaven.

It also adds some real excitement to my life. That’s not to say that life isn’t exciting enough already, of course. Noah recently peed on the potty and Sophia just started smiling at me, so I’ve got loads of things going on that keep my adrenaline pumping. However, when that bag or box of online orders arrives on my front porch, you’d have thought that Publishers Clearing House had just shown up to hand me a giant check. I actually find myself peeking out the front windows throughout the day, just to see if my package has arrived. (I just read what I wrote and yes, I sound a little sad, but I know I’m not alone.)

Now, I will admit, my success rate is about 50 percent. Sometimes, I find some great purchases and, other times… well, I strike out. For instance, I recently ordered a bathing suit online. I know what you’re thinking: a bathing suit? But hear me out. It was a bathing suit that was fitted by bra size. It came on Saturday and when I tried it on, it was like the clouds had parted and the “Hallelujah Chorus” was ringing out through the house. For once in my life, I had found a bathing suit that fit and, at almost 6 weeks postpartum, didn’t look half bad. I’d call that one heck of a success. I also ordered a sundress with the same order. I looked like I was wearing a bag. See? 50/50.

I will also say that shopping for kids online has a much higher success rate. Fortunately, kids look pretty darn cute in anything and the sizes are pretty accurate.

Slight dramatization

There are some cons, I know. It’s true that returning an online item can be a little difficult at times, and yes, a lot of things don’t fit and it would have helped to try them on before purchasing; however, if I can stop being a creepy lurker in the mall, I’ll take it.

Here’s my biggest problem: With the invention of online shopping also comes online banking. Adam sees it all. And he sees it immediately. This is why I recommend a nice hot meal upon his arrival home from work. And a drink.

And after a few drinks? Why, that’s the perfect time for our monthly budget meeting.


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  1. Sarah,
    I too am ashamed to admit that I anxiously await the packages of online shopping purchases. I don’t always order clothes, and I never know what looks good/fashion forward. But I love getting mail. It’s bonus points if the mail actually fits when you order it!

    Funny post, sounds exactly like your inner dialogue (and outer too!)

  2. Haha… Laura, it’s so good to know I’m not alone. I am a little scared now- having a girl makes me feel guilty that I don’t know what the heck I’m doing in the fashion department! Oh well, the girl will have to rely on her personality, and is that such a terrible thing?? :)

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