This Month's Topic: Focus on Finance

Fixing the Floor Without Breaking the Bank

Finance is not usually my favorite topic to write about … hence my blogs thus far have yet to mention it. But, after this weekend, I am feeling inspired, as money has become a fairly common topic in our house. Back when I was working, money didn’t seem like that big of a deal; yes, piggy bankthings were expensive, but hey, we were a two-income couple with no kids. We sort of did what we wanted when we wanted. Booyah!

Now, everything seems to need fixing and, apparently, money does not grow on trees. The only way to take on big projects now is to start saving. To help with this, Kyle set up a few different accounts to go along with our general checking and savings. Now we have an account specifically for projects and, when the amount is just right, we are back to “booyah”!

A quick example: When we first moved into our house, I was really excited that the kitchen floor had tile. It looked so nice. Only after a few months of living here, however, did Kyle inform me that the brown between the tiles was not, in fact, grout but dirt. Fantastic. And, a few weeks ago, when the tiles started mysteriously peeling off the floor, I deduced that perhaps it was not real tile. Then, when Kyle got out the glue to glue the “tiles” back to the floor, I had to come to terms with the fact that tile does not glue … I’m pretty sure. So, we set out for HomIMG_0960e Depot to find some tile (the real stuff this time) and went ahead with the quote.

Tile is not cheap. The installation of tile is not cheap. But, you can only glue your floor back on so many times.

So a friend of mine convinced me to try out wooden tile in the kitchen instead, she recommended I use because of their pricing. I already have the installation scheduled for next week.

My one and only tip to all the moms out there dealing with the same thing is this: Don’t feel like you can’t buy anything because depriving yourself completely will only make the saving harder. Just buy the things that really matter, like new rompers for Austin (in fact, buy the same one in all the colors they offer because really, he looks good in red, blue and, who am I kidding, he looks good in every color, but then, I guess I’m partial).

Hey, I said we’re working on saving, not that we have it all figured out yet!

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