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Color Me Surprised

The Stulbergs are starting this “creative play” month in a quiet, but definitely creative, way. Believe me, there will be some loud and crazy things going on in our house this month. I’ve got major projects planned for the little ones, and I may need to be on a serious aspirin regiment from here until June 1. However, that’s not what I’m blogging about today.

Noah woke up from his nap yesterday and, upon entering his room, he greeted me with one word: “Color.” This has never happened before and, truth be told, I was a little afraid to go in and get him. He was crying intermittently throughout nap (he’s got another lovely cold), so I was very worried he would be extremely crabby afterward. But he wasn’t it. Exactly the opposite. He was happy and wanted to do one thing and one thing only: Color.

IMG_6611Noah is 22 months old now and the whole coloring thing is finally starting to interest him. We got him coloring books more than a year ago and he’s just now putting them to use. I couldn’t wait for him to color. I could just picture it, we’d sit next to one another, I’d color one page and he’d work on the other. We’d swap crayons throughout the session and at the end, I’d write our names at the bottom of the pictures and proudly display them on the fridge.

I’ve got so much to learn about this whole mommy role because, honestly, who was I kidding? I do think that most of the time, I live in a dream world.

Coloring, like I said, has just started to become fun for him, and it does not go at all the way I planned. Noah picks one color to use the majority of the time and that color, for whatever reason, is black. There is rarely any swapping. He also scribbles on both pages, most of the time over the precise thing I’m coloring at that moment. He moves from page to page quickly, sometimes only making a single black stroke before turning to the next. It’s incredibly cute, but incredibly frustrating to color with Noah. Still, fine motor skills and all that, we certainly encourage it.

So, yesterday, when he told me (yes, told me … we’re getting to a bit of a bossy stage), that he would like to color, I was surprised. His whole coloring process didn’t seem like a whole lot of fun to me. I couldn’t believe that that was his request after nap. We walked downstairs, I strapped him in his kitchen chair, put the crayons in one bowl, orange slices in another, opened his coloring book and let him loose. I had dinner to make and Sophia had just fallen asleep. I figured I had about five minutes before she woke up and/or he got bored.

Goodness, was I wrong! My little boy sat there for a solid 40 minutes quietly coloring, all by himself. Again, he chose black as his crayon of choice, and he simply scribbled from page to page, but clearly, something was going on in his sweet, little, imaginative mind that I could not begin to understand. It was maybe one of my favorite moments with him to date. And I wasn’t even part of the moment. Maybe that’s why it was the best. My little baby was becoming an independent, free-thinking, artistic young boy. All on his own. It was incredible.

IMG_6604Sophia also slept for 30 minutes, which was also incredible. Needless to say, dinner got made, and I was in mommy heaven.

I learned a little lesson yesterday. My idea of creative play is a little different than my kids’. Yes, in my little dream world, it went much differently. But, the reality was so much better. Noah showed me that he’s starting to know what works for him and, as long as I pay attention, we’ll do just fine.

So, apparently, I need to alter my dreams a bit and go with my kids’ leads every once in a while.

Side note: In my 30 minutes of heaven on earth, I did have another thought. Maybe, one day, my child will become a famous artist! I do live in a dream world. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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