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Baby Steps Back to Society

“Remember when we worked?”


Seriously, a cake? You and your kids look that good and you had time to bake a cake, too? Shame, woman from the 1950’s. Shame!

It’s a question I asked a few weeks ago, when I found myself in a conversation with my sisters about the art of peanut butter and jelly making. We were having a debate about whether to put the jelly on first or the peanut butter, and we each had a reason for our method of choice. As this conversation went on for way longer than any conversation about peanut butter and jelly should, it caused me to reflect.

Austin is now almost 5 months old, and it seems like a lifetime ago that I had to get up each morning and go to work, instead of getting up with a baby. Working Jill was put together and on time. I tried to look presentable each day for the office and thrived on stress and my busy schedule. Now, I am most often late, which I usually blame on Austin, although it is not usually his fault. I wear yoga pants or sweats most days. Every once in awhile, I will break out the jeans for a special occasion. And, I find that even simple tasks like running errands stress me out.

At first, all of this seemed pretty normal; I had just had a baby, give me a break. Now, I’m starting to feel like I’m slacking off at being a person. I realized that this morning when Kyle was leaving for work. He has a suit that needs to be dry cleaned and he said before leaving, “You can take my suit to the dry cleaner, unless it is too much for you; in that case, don’t worry about it.” At first I thought: Darn straight it’s too much! Who does he think I am? Superwoman?

But now, I just feel bad. Yes, it is challenging to adjust to having a baby, but at some point you have to re-enter the world of the living and rejoin society. So, today, I will take that suit to the dry cleaner and it will, hopefully, give me another push toward getting back to working Jill. But, let’s not get crazy … one errand a day, please.

And, although my “Remember when we worked?” question was mostly hypothetical, maybe my sisters and I could find some more meaningful things to talk about the next time we’re all sitting around watching our kids destroy a living room, which, according to my watch, is in about 20 minutes…



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