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Keeping Myself in the Picture

A few months ago, I read a powerful and thought-provoking essay called The Mom Stays in the Picture by Allison Tate. Tate talks about how moms tend to avoid being in front of the camera, for many reasons. We don’t like the way we look, we didn’t do our hair or makeup that day, our kids are cuter anyways, the list goes on and on. So, we play the role of photographer instead.

The essay really stuck with me and, because yesterday was Mother’s Day, I’d like to recommend Tate’s advice to all moms. Over these past few months, I’ve set a goal for myself to take more pictures with my kids. I’ve asked Adam over and over again to please remember to snap some shots of Noah, Sophia and me. We have this incredible SLR camera, and we have these amazing iPhones. We have no excuse.

Because Allison Tate said it perfectly, I’m not going to write a whole lot on the subject. I’m just going to hope that you read her essay and that you follow her advice.

Here are a couple of pictures from my attempts to “stay in the picture.” Yes, two out of the four were from one day, but if that doesn’t show what you’re missing by not getting in the picture, I don’t know what does.

I hope you got some great pictures, too, this Mother’s Day, whether you did your hair or not.

Nobody likes a crying picture of themselves... but if that doesn't sum up the feeling of being a mom, I don't know what does.

Nobody likes a crying picture of themselves… but if that doesn’t sum up the feeling of being a mom, I don’t know what does.

Fun with stickers!

Fun with stickers!


You know it’s motherhood at its best when one kid is putting a sticker on your eye and the other is pulling your hair.

Mother’s Day picture 2013. Not gonna lie, I did want everyone to look nice for this one. It’s not wrong to do that once in awhile, right?










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