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The Terrible, Terrible Twos

Noah turns 2 in two weeks… and we have officially arrived. We have entered (da da daaa): The Terrible Twos.

It’s official. He’s been toying with the idea for awhile now. I even thought we were there a few weeks ago, but it turns out, not even close.

I decided to post a cute picture of my boy because he’s not so terrible all of the time. He can definitely be a sweetie.

Nope. Noah decided to wait until his daddy went away for three nights on a golf outing to truly enter the wonderful stage. I don’t know if Adam being gone helped to speed up the process, or if the fact that Noah has a cold made him whinier than usual, but for whatever reason, the Terrible Twos are here with a vengeance.

And believe me, it’s happened. I have proof.

Case in point #1: He has learned how to stall, especially at bedtime.

One piece of evidence: Adam and I have been singing bedtime prayers since birth. Noah has caught on to the fact that this means bedtime is imminent and has now started yelling, “No singing!” throughout the entire prayer. It’s just precious.

Case in point #2: Just about everything comes out as a whine.

One piece of evidence: Anytime we leave the house, he whines, “Want to go home…,” and anytime we leave for home, he whines, “Don’t want to go home!” Delightful.

Case in Point #3: He goes limp and wails on the floor when I try to get him to do something he doesn’t want to do, and then immediately stops crying when I mention something he does want to do.

One piece of evidence: It was time to go upstairs last night and he threw himself on the ground screaming. I mentioned that he just got a new orange toothbrush and he could use that before bed. He instantly stopped crying, promptly stood up and happily marched upstairs. Incredible.

Case in Point #4: He’s developing a snarky sense of humor, and he thinks he’s hilarious.

One piece of evidence: We have a strict, no-screaming-in-the-car policy. At least, Adam and I think it’s strict. Noah thinks it’s a game. The other night, we were in the car and Noah let out a short, piercing scream. He followed this with, “time out!” and then laughed his head off. He did this over and over again until I threatened that we would not go to the festival we were going to if he didn’t quit, immediately. He stopped, thank goodness, but I’m saddened by the fact that the “time out” is not as fearsome as I had hoped.

Case in Point #5: He must be bribed to do anything.

Many pieces of evidence: “Noah, if you go inside, we can watch “Toy Story.”” “Noah, if we go upstairs, we can play on your train table.” “Noah, if you get in the car, you can have raisins.” “Noah, if you let me change your diaper, you can have this sticker.” The list goes on and on.

Needless to say, I’m not really loving this “stage” in my son’s life.  I’d type more, but I’m completely exhausted from the weekend and Adam’s absence. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t know how single parents do it. Much awe and respect for you!!

My last thought on the subject of Noah and the Terrible Twos is more of a prayer: Please let me maintain my patience (for the most part), may Adam and I stay strong in our parenting decisions, and please, dear God, let Noah be through his Terrible Twos before Sophia reaches them.

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