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Quite the Birthday

We didn’t have a big party for Anna this year – Sarah and Jill still joke that her first birthday party was so large it was a cotillion –  but I’m still feeling pretty exhausted after her big day.

On Saturday, we’d planned a family “party” at The Beach Waterpark in Mason. When it rained, we bagged The Beach and went to an indoor waterpark called Coco Key instead.

It was awesome! The kids loved it, especially Brayden, which leaves me wondering whose birthday we were celebrating, anyways, but I guess that’s life… A few of the adults who shall remain nameless (ahem, Sarah and Jill) even left their kids with our parents so they could take a few trips down the water slides themselves. Then we shared some pizza and chicken fingers, stuck two candles in a cupcake, sang “Happy Birthday” and watched Anna open her presents. Success!

271 261 267

I didn’t give much thought to today either, Anna’s actual birthday, but I was pleasantly surprised by how it turned out. There was the issue this morning of trying to get a proper birthday picture, which Anna wouldn’t quite cooperate with…

011 012 015

But, once that was over, we went to the pool with my sisters, mom and a few friends and, once again, sang “Happy Birthday” and opened presents. Only this time, we ate peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. Anna is one lucky girl!


Just before naptime, I found this…


…but I couldn’t get too mad at her since it was her birthday. Then, after naptime, there was a lot of emotional turbulence, but, luckily, happy Anna won out. (Why, oh, why was she was so angry at that bag of animal crackers? They were iced, Anna! Iced!)

020 021 022

We met Kevin at Hahana Beach in Mariement – a sand volleyball/bar food-type place – at around 6 p.m. for dinner. It was great because there were a few leagues going on, but plenty of available space still. The kids quickly went to work playing in the sand.

024 025 029

When we came home, it was time for more singing and cupcakes. I truly think this birthday was the first time Anna has appreciated the fact that, sometimes, singing and gifts are for her. It’s been nice to see her react so happily.

281 286 294

And then it was finally time for presents… yes, more presents! Anna loved her Pottery Barn chair from Nana and Papa the best…


…but that left Brayden feeling a little jealous, so we let him open one of the toys we’d hid after his birthday a few months ago.


Yes, it was definitely quite the birthday, although, reading this, I’m afraid there’s a slight chance I may have had one too many cupcakes and cookies. Oh, well. I still call it a success!

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