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My Fear of Halloween

I used to love Halloween when I was a kid. I got to dress up and run around with my friends and collect candy. Really, what’s not to like? I remember coming home with my pillowcase full of candy (yes, we used pillowcases for maximum candy capacity) and dumping it all out on the floor to survey my loot. It was a wonderful time.

IMG_0544I feel like I might be alone in my feelings when I scan Facebook and see tons of people dressed in different, creative costumes, and I somehow, still, get uncomfortable even looking at them.As an adult, I find Halloween uncomfortable. Sure, I am beyond excited about dressing Austin up for his first Halloween, but don’t expect to see me dressed up. I have so much respect for people that keep dressing up year after year, but I’m just not one of them.

Is that weird? It seems weird. Maybe it means I’m an insecure person or maybe it means I have no creativity or maybe, it just means that I just don’t like to dress up. It’s very hard to say.

People keep asking me if we’re taking Austin trick or treating and, I guess, I just assumed we would until I stopped to think about what that would mean. Austin is 10 months old and isn’t walking or talking. So trick or treating would consist of us carrying him around and saying “trick or treat” while the poor adults giving out candy shoot us dirty looks because, obviously, it won’t be Austin eating the Kit Kat bar when we get home.

After thinking about that, I decided that maybe we would just hand out candy and dress Austin up. Austin, but definitely not me.


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