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Thirty Years of Happiness

Today, I am 30.


That is all.

…OK, OK, OK. Colleen has told me that this is not a post. I disagree, but it’s better to appease Colleen. If you know Colleen, you would agree.

My great idea to spruce this up? Photo montage!

So, last night at my Dad and I’s joint birthday dinner (his birthday was the 22nd), I made sure to bring my camera. Looking through the pictures, I can’t think of a better way to sum up my 30 years of life: Complete happiness and a fantastic family.

(Be sure to tune in next Monday, when I include a photo montage of the other half of my family: the Stulbergs! (And, to the Stulbergs coming in town for the weekend, make sure you are camera ready!) :)




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  1. I love the photos! I’m glad Colleen made you post more content. :)

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