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Breaking up with Facebook

Lent is coming up and, as I am a practicing Catholic, I am trying to decide what to give up.

For those of you who aren’t Catholic or don’t observe Lent, let me give you a little rundown. Lent is the season of preparation before Easter. It is a time for you to make some sacrifices and mentally prepare yourself to help understand the retelling of the Lord’s dying and rising. It helps to make you ready to fully appreciate Easter. Like anything, it’s all about a little discomfort that makes you more much more aware of the more important things.

I typed Lent into Google and all of this came up. At least I know I'm not alone on a lot of the things on my list.

I typed Lent into Google and all of this came up. At least I know I’m not alone on a lot of the things on my list.

That said, what it means to many in a more outwardly way is simply, you have to give something up. For the next 40-plus days, you are expected to give something up. Something that you do often, something that, if gone, will make you uncomfortable, but, ultimately, that discomfort will make you a better person.

So, the question is: What do I give up?

Oh, I have a number of ideas. One starts with “C” and ends with “offee.” But that won’t make me a better person, and definitely not a better mom. Another one starts with “T” and ends with “V.” But that’s already taken quite a hit since the kids arrived. And I don’t think Noah and Sophia would appreciate that sacrifice. My kids love them some Wiggles.

There are many more, but I won’t go into all of it.

I know, ultimately, it needs to be something that I will miss, but missing it will make me a better person.

My New Year’s resolution was all about focusing on my relationships. Being a better mother, a better wife, a better friend, daughter and sister. That’s five balls that I am working on juggling and, to my dismay, I have found that I am not a good juggler. But I’m working on it.

However, there’s someone else. Someone I have given way too much time and energy to. Someone who keeps me from being a better juggler.

It’s a relationship that I am shamefully embarrassed to mention but I also know I am not alone. It is a relationship that occupies too much of my time and one that even though I will greatly miss, must go for a few weeks.

To my Family: You'd better keep it interesting for me!

To my family: You’d better keep it interesting for me!

This relationships disrupts my date nights with my husband, disrupts playing with my kids and even disrupts my cooking.

And so, Facebook, I bid you adieu.  Not forever, but for awhile.

Because you are the sixth ball I am trying to juggle in this life, and, it turns out, you’re the ball I’m willing to let drop.

Now, I know there’s no way to escape technology. Technology is the future. Technology and social networking are part of life. It’s unavoidable. But Facebook? Facebook I can avoid for awhile.

I saw (on Facebook) that there was a way to actually check how many hours you’ve spent on Facebook. The person laughed that she’s been on it for some CRAZY amount of time. And you know what I did? I cringed. And didn’t go to the link to see what my time was. And isn’t that a little too telling?

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Facebook!

Thanks for the vote of confidence, Facebook!

If you are a type of person who doesn’t check Facebook all the time during the day, good for you! You are a stronger person than I. Your relationship with Facebook is different than mine. Facebook isn’t a sixth ball to juggle in your life. It’s more of a timeout to the juggling (and all jugglers need breaks).

This girl needs to go cold turkey or nothing will change.

And so, to the people in my life who are more important than Facebook, my sacrifice is for you. I will think of you often these next few weeks and wonder if you’ve posted anything interesting on Facebook that day.

And to Mark Zuckerberg, I’m sure you’ll be just fine without me. We just needed a break.

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  1. Good for you..don’t think I could do it !!

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