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Colleen, 31 years old

Wife of Kevin; stay-at-home mom of 4-year-old Brayden and 2-year-old Anna; writer; lover of books and food and wine; obsessive exerciser; obsessive and anal retentive about a lot of things, actually; not much of a cook (despite my love of food) or housewife, but I make up for my failings with wit and humor (I’m almost sure of it); lover of traveling, even though we don’t get to do much of it these days, and shopping, although I don’t get to do much of that either; stealer of the covers (so says Kevin); loyal friend and sister; most people don’t believe me but lover of punk music and rap (Wiz Khalifa, anyone?); sometimes a complainer; despite pulling my hair out most days, always in that crazy, can’t-live-without-you kind of love with my kids.

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