This Month's Topic: Focus on Finance

About Us

sarah jill colleenMy sisters and I started a blog because we didn’t want to miss the magic in the everyday. But, we also felt there was room for improvement in our respective, stay-at-home lives. Using a blog as a place to reminisce about the good times, make peace with the bad times and hold ourselves accountable to our constant promises to “have more patience” seemed like a worthy way to spend a year. Plus, those who don’t remember history are doomed to repeat it, so maybe documenting some of those not-so-good times would help us, too.

We set out with a plan pulled from a page of the wildly popular-right-now stunt nonfiction genre (a la “Eat, Pray, Love,” “The Happiness Project” and “My Year with Eleanor”). Each month we would tackle a different challenge, such as the financial constraints of stay-at-home parenting, beating the winter blues and battling bedtime drama, and blog about our experiences, successes and failures.

We figured the fact that we were stay-at-home sisters would give us strength in
numbers. We figured writing about our trials and errors would give us an outlet.

We figured wrong. It’s giving us so much more.