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sarahweb Sarah, 29 years old

Ordinarily, I’d love to describe myself as a happy-go-lucky, adventurous and active person, but now, at 20 months pregnant (or 9), I don’t think I’m so awesome to be around. My incredible husband, Adam, swears that I’m still a blast, but he’s been working longer and longer hours, so … you do the math. We have this hilarious, handsome, energetic, little 20 month old named Noah, who keeps us busy and laughing. We’re expecting our second child (sex will be a surprise … that doesn’t sound right, but you know what I mean) at the beginning of March. When I’m not whining about how uncomfortable I am (and I swear, you’re just catching me at a low point), I really do love my life. I love taking Noah to the park, museum, library, etc. I love reading a good book, watching a great TV show, playing cards with friends, and trying out different photo/video projects on my computer. I really love singing Disney songs in the car, and one day in the near future, I’d love to get back into the musical scene – whether it be working with kids in the arts or performing with a community theater. Lastly, I’d like to put forth the warning that my first few entries of this blog may be a little confusing. I’m about to join the rest of the new mom group where sleepless nights are inevitable. Please go easy on me.

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